Qualia's Foundation:

The Areté Learning Model

Qualia’s groundbreaking model, based on 14 years as a leader in next-generation education, combines passion-driven, student-centered learning with an enticingly rich college preparatory curriculum.  At Qualia, high-capacity, high-curiosity kids chart unique paths based on a deep love of knowledge and ideas. An intentional community as well as a school, Qualia is a model and incubator for a world based on authentic dialogue, joyful inquiry, and extraordinary vision

This new campus, breaking ground in the Fall of 2021, will feature intellectual depth, close mentoring, and student-led learning, combined with a customized, mastery-based path to higher learning and careers. In addition, we plan to crank up student ownership, agency and participation to “11,” serving as a model for authentic student participation in school creation, planning and growth.  Further innovations will emerge from brainstorming sessions with the students themselves, beginning this summer and built into the fabric of the school year. 

All of this will take place in a gorgeous, architecturally-designed indoor/outdoor setting uniquely appropriate for a new era in instruction and school design. We are thrilled to have the renowned Gensler architectural firm as our school architect and vision partner for this project. The campus’ ample indoor and outdoor space will give rise to extraordinary curricular and extracurricular opportunities, including a state-of-the-art makers’ lab, science lab, music studio, art and pottery studio, and podcasting studio, as well as an organic garden, outdoor kitchen and more. While the site transformation will require some elbow grease, bureaucratic wrangling, and creative fundraising, we are hopeful we’ll be able to enjoy the transformed outdoor space by the end of the coming school year, if not sooner.