An Intellectual Playground for Passionate Learners

Grades 4 to 12

Benefits of Qualia

  • High Quality Faculty with Advanced Degrees
  • Small Class Sizes with a Maximum of 8
  • Warm, Welcoming, Inclusive, and Safe Community
  • Individualized, Flexible Program Meeting Every Student Where They Are
  • Passion-Driven Learning to Engage and Motivate Our Students

Quick Facts

1 %

Of Qualia graduates get into their first choice college

20 :1

Student to teacher ratio

1 %

Of Qualia teachers have a postgraduate degree


The year Qualia was established

$ 1

Scholarships offered to each 2022-2023 Qualia graduate

1 %

Of Qualia students have their tuition indexed

1 %

Of Qualia students returning this year (excluding graduates)


(and counting)
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Beyond Honors

At Qualia we embrace students’ diverse interests, supporting them to excel at their own pace without limitations. For advanced learners, we offer inquiry-driven honors classes, an advanced level STEM program, a unique Symposium program, a senior honors thesis program, a 12th-year Quest Program, and the opportunity to take college courses for credit. Excellence at Qualia means losing yourself in a topic or idea, entering into a focused state of intellectual “flow” while sharing your uncontainable enthusiasm with others. Close mentoring by our faculty, themselves passionate life-long scholars and creators, promotes deep understanding and personalizes learning. For a budding scholar, the Qualia experience provides an antidote and counterpoint to the lecture-and-test, smile-and-endure “Race to Nowhere” embodied by other elite programs.

A Groundbreaking Educational Model

Qualia’s educational model, honed over fourteen game-changing years, combines passion-driven, student-centered learning with an enticingly rich college preparatory curriculum. Based on 60 years of combined experience in L.A. independent schools, Qualia is the brainchild of veteran educators determined to overturn a current educational paradigm based on a century and a half of failed conventions and half-realized reforms. Our goal is to create a learning environment where high-capacity, high-curiosity kids chart their own course based on a deep, unapologetic fascination with knowledge and ideas. As much an intentional community as a school, Qualia is a model and incubator for a society based on authentic dialogue, joyful inquiry, and meaningful aspirations.

If you believe your child would thrive in this one-of-a-kind learning environment, drop us a line to set up a campus tour and interview.


Our Mission

At Qualia, we learn by playfully wrestling with the apparent contradictions between fifty centuries of recorded knowledge and the emerging realities of the transformative now. By doing this, we emphasize the development of autonomy, balance, curiosity, self-direction and self-respect. Drawing on the full range of human experience and wisdom, we dignify our school, local, national and global communities and embrace our interconnectedness and interdependence as members of the human family.

Our Vision

Propelled by the energy and ingenuity of our students, Qualia’s best-in-class faculty deepen and expand passions while imparting a lifelong fascination with puzzles, questions, and quandaries. By requiring deep and meaningful inquiry, we create genuine thinkers who embrace ambiguity and welcome challenge. As flexible thinkers compelled to offer original ideas, our graduates are poised to forge solutions and shape a new landscape — ideological as well as practical — in an era of unprecedented change.

An Intellectual Playground for Passionate Learners

Inspiring students to:

Develop a powerful, authentic voice
Pursue truth through reason
Contribute originally and meaningfully to the world

The Qualia Way

At the cutting edge of 21st century education, our inquiry-driven, seminar-style classes challenge students to analyze, question, debate, reimagine and synthesize – all in the context of a rigorous, comprehensive college preparatory program. Guided by a passionate faculty, our students deepen their intellectual identities, upend existing paradigms, and forge inspirational solutions.

An Education for Thinkers

Philosophical questions and methods underlie our teaching. Our students learn to do philosophy: challenging widely-held beliefs, exposing hidden assumptions and synthesizing disparate claims and propositions. Having escaped the chains of conventional thinking, a philosophically- trained mind is equipped to innovate, disrupt, and inspire – a toolkit for a challenging world.

Aporia -

Intellectual Openness

Aporia is a joyous moment of revelation, the first step toward true wisdom and the cornerstone of our program. Socrates and his followers embraced Aporia as an epiphany of not-knowing, a realization that superficial learning is not the same as genuine understanding.

Through our inquiry-based methods and Socratic questioning, between and among students and teachers, Qualia students learn to let go of their prior, fact-focused concept of mastery and hold themselves to a higher level of insight and understanding.

The Qualia Seminar -

Free Thinkers Allowed

A Qualia Seminar is so much more than just a small class. Built on a foundation of open communication and mutual respect, our Seminars represent a shared goal: to create a place where profound reflection and innovative risk-taking are encouraged and celebrated. 

Instead of competing for attention and points, students engage in thoughtful, provocative questioning and work together to deepen and expand discourse. At the same time, the Qualia Seminar is pensively playful – a rare place where a student can revel in the satisfaction and fun of learning while also developing a powerful academic identity and voice.

Symposium -

A Marketplace for Ideas

Both a celebration and a challenge, Symposium is the embodiment of the Qualia spirit and pedagogy – a meaningful, transformative alternative to final exams. Consistent with our commitment to “choice and voice,” students select their own topics based on a unifying, school-wide philosophical question or theme. They become researchers and teachers, learning to produce substantive, idea-focused academic papers. 

After an exhilarating and rewarding week of exploration and writing, students transform their papers into interactive, creative presentations that bring their ideas to life for an authentic audience of Areté students, teachers and the community at large.

We nurture

Daring ideas
playful ingenuity
Deep Analysis

Middle School

Upper School