Tuition and Fees


4th – 12th Grade

1st Student:
Additional Enrolled Sibling:



Per Student:


Enrollment Deposit = $7,500 per child (due with the enrollment forms at the end of the admissions process to secure your child’s enrollment)
New Student Fee = $2,000 per enrollment (at the time of enrollment for all new full-time students)

* The fees and deposits above are non-refundable.
* The oldest student in a family is considered the first child.

Indexed Tuition

** As of 9/18/2023, we still have funds to allocate from our Indexed Tuition/Assistance pool.

Qualia uses an Indexed Tuition model to support increased accessibility for a limited number of students and their working parents. Recognizing that careers are significant in many ways beyond financial reward. Qualia created its Indexed Tuition model to encourage applicants from a range of backgrounds. 

We have limited funds available to index the tuition of new 4th-12th families, so please inquire soon to see what your family’s tuition would be.

Qualia uses a third-party provider, FAST, where you can apply for the Indexed Tuition program.

For more information or to apply call (310) 985-0959 or email