Don't Children Deserve Deeper Learning?

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When you choose to support Qualia: The School for Deeper Learning, you make it possible to create a uniquely powerful environment for learning featuring our personalized academic program, a nurturing and supportive environment, small Seminar-size classes, a commitment to developing critical thinking, a caring and attentive faculty, a rich curriculum, the Great Ideas program, the Symposium experience and student activities like Robotics and Ethics Bowl.

Our highly curious and highly capable students have joined us in building a democratic school culture that gives them a powerful voice in shaping the direction of the school and their learning. As we continue to grow our program, develop the professional capacities of our faculty and expand our facilities, we come to you seeking support in this our first Annual Fund campaign, mindful that like every other non-profit independent school, tuition covers approximately 75% of the total expense to carry out our educational mission.

Give the gift of cutting-edge education with a tax-deductible contribution to Qualia.

Your tax-deductible gift provides Qualia’s highly curious, highly capable students with a program designed to maximize their intellectual gifts and to enhance their long-term opportunities.