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Qualia students, teachers, alumni, and families are an active, engaged, thriving, curious, inventive bunch of mavericks with plenty to say. Here’s what’s going on in their worlds.

Wednesday Hobson – Qualia Teacher: Philosophy, Advanced Language Analysis

A Qualia Deep Dive: “Do Feelings Matter?’ That’s the question one of Qualia School’s Great Ideas classes has been pondering, but over the course of this year-long philosophy course, they have been considering it through the lens of affect theory and phenomenology, subjects that their teacher, Wednesday Hobson, a Ph.D. student in Cultural Studies at

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JC Wright Qualia Faculty

JC Wright – Qualia Teacher: Great Ideas, History and Band

Where did you grow up and go to college?  Richmond, Virginia. I earned a bachelor’s and a master’s at Virginia Tech, then did some Ph.D. work at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. What did you study? Philosophy. In undergrad, I also had a jazz minor. Why philosophy?  I enrolled in college with the goal of

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Jiyen, Graduation, Qualia Graduate, Arete Graduate, Senior Quote

Jiyen – Qualia – Senior, Class of 2022

How long have you attended Qualia? Four years. What are your plans after Qualia?  Definitely college. My plan is to start off by studying engineering, but I also plan to be pretty broad in what I experience in college. I want to take classes in really interesting and wide-ranging subjects, which may help me discover

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