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A School Like No Other

Imagine a school where smart kids can challenge themselves and love learning at the same time. Imagine a place where thinking differently is a true gift and not a burden. Imagine classrooms where warmth, support, and rigor go hand in hand. Imagine a school culture where kids from different worlds thrive together, united by their curiosity. Imagine a school experience defined not by social media drama and stale textbook academics, but by collaboration, exploration, and risk-taking.

Rediscovering the Wonder of “Why”

A Qualia classroom is like no other. Abuzz with exciting ideas, thoughtful questions, and brainy humor, a Qualia lesson harnesses the best of research-based pedagogy and educational artistry. A capacity for deep, probing inquiry– the heart of our innovative methodology – creates graduates eager to embrace the difficult, often nuanced challenges of the 21st century.

Our query-driven curriculum and commitment to broad questions and big ideas put us at the forefront of a long-overdue movement in education, one that prepares our students to be innovators, creators and game changers.

Customizing Expectations At Each Student's Level

Learning consists of two parts – the “what” and the “how.” While some of the “what” will stick with students, this crucial stage should place strong emphasis on shaping how students learn, how they perceive themselves as soon-to-be lifetime scholars, and — most crucially — how they use resources to tackle challenging problems.

We want our students to “get stuck” — not because it will build character or grit, or separate the elite from the masses — but because that’s how learning occurs. The turn-of-the-century psychologist Lev Vygotsky stressed the importance of the “zone of proximal development,” by which he simply meant the content and skills that were just outside of the student’s current capabilities, requiring “stretching” and therefore growth to attain.

A Qualia student, while enjoying unparalleled autonomy, is also never alone, because true learning rarely occurs in a social vacuum. Collaboration and mentoring, together with risk taking – the hallmarks of a Qualia education – help students experience genuine intellectual engagement, leading to deep, lasting, understanding.

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