Video Game Creators' Workshop

In collaboration with game developers in Los Angeles, Qualia is pleased to introduce a one-of-a-kind middle and high school preprofessional game design program. Working in the small Qualia seminar format, students master core programming skills while learning about the culture and structure of the game making world. With an emphasis on developing individual creative talent, this selective program will create high school graduates qualified for challenging industry work or admission to top-level college coding programs.

A Skill for the New Millenium

Coding, the most sought-after 21st century skill, is about more than just lining up commands in a compiler window. Combining art and creativity with collaboration and teamwork, video game production is a way of thinking and solving problems as well as an emerging engine for cultural change. 

Workplace-Ready Skills for Aspiring Game Designers

Beginning with a solid understanding of programming fundamentals and concepts, students progress through 3 year-long courses, each ending in a specific design challenge. Courses are taught by working industry professionals, in collaboration with Qualia best-in-class teaching staff. Guest speakers, visits to local game design companies, and internships provide opportunities for motivated students to deepen their learning and forge connections in L.A.’s world class gaming industry. Our annual Game Showcase, open to parents and attended by industry leaders, gives students the opportunity to show off their accomplishments and receive thoughtful feedback.

In the fourth year, qualified students may be asked to join our Game Design Studio, emulating the game design workplace. In the Studio, our student designers work collaboratively on keystone projects with the goal of publishing and selling their games. 

Students who successfully complete the program will earn a Pre-professional Video Game Design Certificate, recognized by leading game company employers.