Weekly Newsletter - Qualia Edition

September 24, 2021

Our Idea Lab students were challenged with creating an Arduino-controlled water prank mechanism. The purpose of this was to see what happens when engineering meets heat abatement meets… teen mischief.

The result? A very kind senior who trusted a very mischievous middle school student and got very wet. The retaliation was directed at Jim Hahn, which we all feel was a fair response.
Focus Friday: Life Skills
Today our students learned some life skills such as:

  • Cooking
  • Automotive Care
  • Camping
  • Travelling
  • First Aid

And in non-life skills, some students started the conversation to change our room numbers to room names. I am particularly pleased to hear that they are discussing the name Oasis for our beautiful growing library. Thanks also goes to Tobin’s family for donating a trunk-load of books, including multiple complete series of popular anthologies, to our “oasis”.

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Warmly and With Gratitude,

Maggie Storm