Wednesday Hobson – Qualia Teacher: Philosophy, Advanced Language Analysis

A Qualia Deep Dive: “Do Feelings Matter?’ That’s the question one of Qualia School’s Great Ideas classes has been pondering, but over the course of this year-long philosophy course, they have been considering it through the lens of affect theory and phenomenology, subjects that their teacher, Wednesday Hobson, a Ph.D. student in Cultural Studies at […]

JC Wright – Qualia Teacher: Great Ideas, History and Band

JC Wright Qualia Faculty

Where did you grow up and go to college?  Richmond, Virginia. I earned a bachelor’s and a master’s at Virginia Tech, then did some Ph.D. work at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. What did you study? Philosophy. In undergrad, I also had a jazz minor. Why philosophy?  I enrolled in college with the goal of […]

Jiyen – Qualia – Senior, Class of 2022

Jiyen, Graduation, Qualia Graduate, Arete Graduate, Senior Quote

How long have you attended Qualia? Four years. What are your plans after Qualia?  Definitely college. My plan is to start off by studying engineering, but I also plan to be pretty broad in what I experience in college. I want to take classes in really interesting and wide-ranging subjects, which may help me discover […]

Weekly Newsletter | December 17, 2021

Deeper Learning

All of us at Qualia want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your very generous gifts today. Please know that spending every day with your children is one of the best gifts we could have, and we look forward to more adventures in the new year.

Weekly Newsletter | October 1, 2021

Weekly Newsletter – October 1, 2021 The Virtues of Not-Knowing Many of us know the story of the Oracle-priestess of Delphi, who, asked to identify the wisest man in Athens, named Socrates.  For Athenians, this was a bit of a Hellenistic head scratcher: why assign such an honor to the pug-nosed (and pugnacious), rabble-rousing unemployed […]

Weekly Newsletter | September 24, 2021

Weekly Newsletter – Qualia Edition September 24, 2021 Our Idea Lab students were challenged with creating an Arduino-controlled water prank mechanism. The purpose of this was to see what happens when engineering meets heat abatement meets… teen mischief. The result? A very kind senior who trusted a very mischievous middle school student and got very […]